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Audi Sport is the name of the Audi branch, which is specialized in the design and production of luxury performance cars. The subsidiary was formed in 1983 and today its supercars are distributed all over the globe, being one of the most reliable and stylish in their segment.

Meaning and history

Audi Sport Logo history

The visual identity of the sports subsidiary of the famous German automaker hasn’t changed much since the day of the first Audi Sport logo introduction in 1983. Though there was a slight difference in the Formula E construction subdivision, Audi Sport Abt Schaeffler.

Audi Sport

Logo Audi Sport

The emblem of the car marque is executed in dark red color and composed of two elements — a geometric graphical part, and lettering, placed on its right. The emblem is a simple red parallelogram, which is slightly vertically stretched and inclined to the right, and the wordmark is executed in a classic clean sans-serif typeface with full rounded shapes of the letters. Both elements are colored scarlet red, though sometimes the text-part of the logo turns white, it happens when the emblem is being placed on a black background.

When placed on the car itself, the “Audi Sport” can be written in silver and the red emblem — outlined in the same color.

Audi Sport Formula E

Audi Sport Formula E

For the Audi Sport Formula E team, a more complicated logo is used. The class is red lettering with a parallelogram is complemented with additional text, which was changed throughout the years.

2013 – 2015

Audi Sport Logo-2013

The first Formula E team was called Audi Sport Abt and had its logo composed of two simple lines — the upper one in red, with the iconic parallelogram emblem and minimalist “Audi Sport” lettering. And the bottom black line, with the “ABT Formula-E Team” in the same neat sans-serif typeface, but with thinner lines, which made the letters look fuller and wider.

2015 – Today

Audi Sport Logo

In 2015 the name of the team was changed to Abt Schaeffler Audi Sport and the logo gained the third line. Now the red bottom, which got its contours refined and made more distinct, was underlined by “ABT” in thin black lines and green “Schaeffler” in capitals of a bold serif font and has the “Formula E Team” written on the third level, in black, with a lot of space between its uppercase letters.

In 2017 the name of the team was slightly changed and became “Audi Sport Abt Schaeffler”, though it did not affect the logo style and composition, and all the elements remained untouched and in their places.

Font and color

Audi Sport Logo Color

The clean and laconic Audi Sport lettering is executed in a traditional sans-serif typeface with rounded shapes of the letters and distinct cuts of their lines. The brand’s type is pretty close to such fonts as Radiate Sans Semi Bold and Vito Wide bold, but with some lines modified.

As for the color palette, the official one is based on a scarlet red shade, which represents passion, strength, and exclusiveness. Though there are also secondary color scheme options, Audi Sport uses from time to time, depending on the needs — red and black, red, black and white, and, finally, red and silver, when placed on the cars.

All four variants are elegant and timeless, though have a very strong and even aggressive character, which says a lot about the speed, power, and style of the brand’s sports cars.