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BYD is a Chinese brand of commercial and electric vehicles manufacturer, which was established in 2003. The brand is known not only as an automobile producer but as well as a manufacturer of rechargeable batteries.

Meaning and history

BYD Logo history

The company’s name, BYD, is an acronym for “Build Your Dreams”, which says a lot about the brand’s values. The BYD visual identity underwent only one major redesign during its history.

2003 – 2005

BYD Logo 1995

The first version of the brand’s logo comprised a black horizontal oval with a smaller one in the middle. The small oval was divided into two parts — white and light blue, the colors of loyalty and professional approach. The BYD wordmark was also colored white and placed around the perimeter of the oval in its bottom part. That version was designed in 1995 and stayed with the brand until 2007.

2005 – 2022

BYD Logo 2005

The redesign of the BYD logo brought a completely different image to the brand. The bright red oval contains a bold and futuristic red wordmark, which is placed on a white background.

The lettering features straight strong lines and sharp angles. All three letters of the nameplate are open, which adds balance to the thick bold lines of the font.

The white and red color palette of the BYD logo is a reflection of the company’s energy, power, and passion. It is a traditional combination, which always works right.

When placed on the cars, the BYD logo is executed in a glossy silver color of the framing and lettering and a black for the background. The brand also uses a royal blue outline, which adds a sense of elegance and style.

2022 – Today

BYD Logo