Puebla Pericos Logo

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Although a parrot doesn’t exactly conjure an image of fierce competition, it looks stylish and entirely appropriate on the logo of the baseball team the Puebla Pericos.

Meaning and history

Puebla Pericos Logo history

The reason why the Pericos de Puebla logo features a parrot (or a parakeet, to be precise) is pretty simple – the name of the team is translated into English as “Puebla Parakeets.” The history of the franchise started in 1942.

1942 – 1972

Puebla Pericos Logo oldOn the old logo, the parakeet was depicted with a baseball bat in its paws. The lettering “Parakeets” in green and “de Puebla” in red could be seen below.

1993 – 2021

Puebla Pericos LogoWhile the modified Puebla Pericos logo features the same elements, they look entirely different. The typeface became slightly more legible, while the cartoonish parakeet was replaced by a more refined and beautiful one.