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Although the logo of France’s top football league, Ligue 1′, is built on the most generic symbol, it has a very distinctive look. How is it possible?

Meaning and history

French Ligue 1 Logo history

2002 – 2008

French Ligue 1 Logo 2002
The original League’s logo is a circle colored partially in blue and partially in orange. The lower orange portion hosts the words ‘Ligue 1’ & ‘Orange’ in black and white respectively. The upper blue part depicts a figure of a white person kicking a ball. Lastly, there are two lines of red and white (for the French flag) coming up from behind them.

2008 – 2020

French Ligue 1 Logo 2008

From the very first glance, you may notice that the “ball” seen on the French League 1 logo is far from a regular football. Although you may definitely identify hexagonal shapes on it, they don’t look exactly like the seams on an average football but are rather parts of unusual 3D design elements. They look a bit like hexagonal screw heads with a white gap on one of the sides. Also, while the “football” design does imply a circular shape, there isn’t really a circle outline. The logo features a pictorial “explanation,” a figure of a player who is about to kick a ball.

The choice of color on the old logo, metallic silver, added to the overall futuristic and high tech impression.

2017 – 2020

French Ligue 1 Logo 2017

When in 2017 the European furniture retail chain Conforama signed a title sponsorship deal with Ligue 1, the logo was updated. While all the elements of the old emblem can be seen on the modified French League 1 logo, they are now given in black. The lettering “Conforama” in red was added below the text “Ligue 1”, while the white background of the original emblem became yellow.

2020 – Today (Uber Eats)

French Ligue 1 Logo 2020
The 2020 logo is more of a flag. The cloth itself is dark blue, but there is a white circle in the middle and two lime-green brackets surrounding it. These are supposed to be the ball and the field. Directly below them is the name of the League – ‘Ligue 1’ – in capital white characters.
And directly below the name, there’s also the name of the sponsor – ‘Uber Eats’ – in white and green letters.

2020 – Today

French Ligue 1 Logo
The regular version of the sponsored flag is almost identical, save for the absence of the ‘Uber Eats’ wordmark, as well as the darker shade of blue for the cloth.