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The K League logo is an example of how a designer can say a lot using only one symbol. The focal point of the emblem is a light grey shape representing three symbols in one. To begin with, it’s the “K” from the name of the top league in South Korea. Also, the shape is actually a five-pointed star representing strive for victory. Additionally, it may be interpreted as a stylized figure of a football player who has just kicked a football, which is now seen not far from his “foot.”

Kontinental Hockey League Logo history

The star is placed over the red background, while the football is placed over the dark blue background. Below the emblem, the lettering “K League” can be seen.

1983 — 1986

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1994 — 1996

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1997 — 1998

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1999 — 2005

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2006 — 2009

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2010 — 2012

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2021 — Today

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