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Elaris is a company that specializes in electric vehicles, offering a range of models suitable for different needs, including family-friendly options and compact city cars. They emphasize everyday usability and practicality in their designs. Elaris also provides flexible subscription models for their vehicles, focusing on an all-inclusive pricing strategy excluding electricity. Their approach to electric vehicles is geared towards making them accessible and convenient for everyday life.

Meaning and history

Elaris, established in 2020 in Germany, revolutionizes the electric vehicle market. Launching with the compact DYO and Leo SUV in May 2021, Elaris quickly expanded its range. The Beo, a mid-size SUV, soon followed. In June 2021, Elaris introduced the Elaris Pio, a second microcar initially named Elaris Zhidou. This innovative company specializes in marketing Chinese electric vehicles, emphasizing environmental sustainability and cutting-edge technology.

What is Elaris?
Originating in Germany, Elaris stepped into the auto industry in 2020, carving out a niche in the electric car market. Their lineup includes various eco-conscious automobiles, from nifty urban vehicles to robust SUVs, all designed with a keen eye on sustainable innovation within the electric mobility space.


Elaris logo

The logo features a stylized, symmetrical leaf in a vivid shade of yellow set against a deep green backdrop, with the brand name “ELARIS” below in bold, uppercase letters. The leaf’s design is modern and abstract, with line work creating the impression of a flourishing, dynamic entity. This visual motif likely represents growth, renewal, and a commitment to eco-friendly practices, resonating with the company’s focus on electric vehicles. The color choice of green reinforces the theme of sustainability, while yellow adds energy and optimism.

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