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The Danville Dashers founded in 2011 belong to the Federal Hockey League. They took the name of their predecessors who played in 1981-1986, but not their logo.

Meaning and history

Danville Dashers Logo history

2011 — 2014

Danville Dashers Logo 2011

The Danville Dashers logo meets the requirements for the design of a sports team logo. It includes a stick saying that the team deals with hockey. At first sight the element at the bottom of the logo looks like a line underlining the word “Dashers”. In fact, it is a shaft of a stick.

The logo also depicts speed and energy that are essential in this kind of sports. It is the image of a reindeer. The team thought that this animal would convey their characteristics best and boost the morale. So the newly established team followed the tradition started by their predecessors ‒ to have a deer in the Danville Dashers logo.

2014 — Today

Danville Dashers logo

The franchise changed its logo in 2014. It was a slight modification of the color palette. Now it is black, orange, grey and white. The grey outline of the lettering and the eye of the deer turned orange.

Danville Dashers Logo new
The head of the deer is on the left over the name of the team. The lettering “Danville Dashers” is in all caps and goes in two lines. The stylized “D” in both words and a tilted font imply speed.