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florida gators logo
The Florida Gators, the athletic program of the University of Florida, have three logos. In addition to the primary one, depicting a crocodile’s head, there is also the Block “F” emblem and the wordmark.

Meaning and History logo

Florida Gators Logo history

The alligator was chosen as the emblem of the University of Florida football team in the early 1900’s. In 1908, Austin Miller, a student at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, and his father, Phillip Miller, ordered pennants depicting an alligator. Later, Austin Miller mentioned that he opted for this cruel creature as it was native to Florida and because he did not know any other university that used it as its symbol. Since then, the alligator logo has been modified several times.
florida gators new logo


florida gators symbol
Unlike its predecessors, the current Florida Gators logo, which was adopted 1995, depicts not the whole alligator, but only its head. The creature looks aggressive due to its open mouth revealing sharp teeth.

Block “F“ emblem

emblem Florida Gators
The emblem features a capital letter “F” in an italicized sans serif typeface. The letter itself is blue, while the outline is orange.


Font Florida Gators
The wordmark features a unique bespoke typeface designed so that it resembles handwriting. The letters look rather plump – the effect, which is emphasized by the white and blue outlines.


florida gators color
The primary color palette of both the University of Florida and its athletic teams includes only two colors: orange (PMS 172) and blue (PMS 287). In addition to blue and orange, the Florida Gators logo itself also features green (for the alligator’s muzzle) and white (for the teeth). Taking into consideration the “alligator” theme, the use of green and white seems perfectly natural, although none of them is actually a part of the official palette.
florida gators baseball logo
florida gators football logo