Abilene Christian Wildcats Logo

Abilene Christian Wildcats Logo

Let’s see how the logo of the Abilene Christian Wildcats has evolved during the last two of decades.

Meaning and history

Abilene Christian Wildcats Logo history

The previous Abilene Christian Wildcats logo, which was adopted in 1997, featured a gold wildcat with black spots. The creature was facing forward and stretching its paws forward, too. Its mouth was open showing sharp fangs. Below the wildcat, the lettering “ACU” could be seen. The letters weren’t written in a single line but were positioned diagonally.

The current logo, which was unveiled in 2013, is similar in its structure, yet both the letters and the wildcat have been redrawn in a completely different style. The previous wildcat was trying hard to look aggressive, yet if we compare it with the current one, we will see which of them has more temperament. The updated logo is also better legible as the letters almost don’t overlap like on the previous one. The sharp angles on the glyphs and the simpler palette make the Abilene Christian Wildcats logo even more stylish.

Abilene Christian Wildcats football

Abilene Christian Wildcats Logo

The history of the university’s football team started in 1919. Today, the team belongs to the Southland Conference and plays its home games at the Anthony Field at Wildcat Stadium. In 2017, Adam Dorrel became the head coach.