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Throughout the previous half a century, the Indiana Hoosiers logo has always featured the interlocked letters “U” and “I.” The style of the monogram has gone through a couple of modifications, though.

Meaning and history

Indiana Hoosiers Logo history

1976 – 1981

Indiana Hoosiers Logo-1976

On the old logo introduced in 1976, the letters are rather wide. Both of them are red.

1982 – 2001

Indiana Hoosiers Logo-1982

It was only in 1982 that the glyphs got a black outline. Due to its shape, the logo got some depth. Also, the letters weren’t as bold as on the previous emblem.

2002 – Today

Indiana Hoosiers Logo

Eventually, in 2002, the Indiana Hoosiers logo went through one more modification. Gone were the black outline and the 3D effect – the emblem was now flat once again. It looked different from the 1976 version, though – thinner, more elongated.

Indiana Hoosiers basketball

Indiana Hoosiers basketball logo

The basketball teams play their home games on the on-campus Branch McCracken Court at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall. So far, the men’s team has won five NCAA Championships (the latest one in 1987). It is also known as one of the leaders in NCAA Tournament appearances (36 altogether) and in NCAA Tournament victories (62 altogether).

The women’s basketball team coached by Teri Moren is also rather successful. It was a co-Big Ten champion in 1983 season, won the Big Ten Tournament and won the WNIT.

Indiana Hoosiers baseball

Indiana Hoosiers baseball logo

The team has made eight appearances in the NCAA Tournament and has received the regular-season conference championship seven times. The Hoosiers are coached by Jeff Mercer. Their home arena is Bart Kaufman Field.

Indiana Hoosiers football

Indiana Hoosiers football logo

The football team has a long history – it was fielded in 1884. The current home arena is the Memorial Stadium, while the position of the head coach is occupied by Tom Allen. The team has won the Big Ten Championship twice and has made eleven appearances in bowl games.

Indiana Hoosiers soccer

Indiana Hoosiers soccer logo

The university is very proud of its soccer team claiming it is among the most successful ones in the US. The men’s team has won eight national championships. In this respect, only St. Louis’ 10 has better results. Also, the Hoosiers have more wins and College Cups appearances than any other school in Division I soccer.

Indiana Hoosiers hockey

Indiana Hoosiers hockey logo

In 2010, the men’s ice hockey team competed in Division I of the Central States Collegiate Hockey League conference where it has been playing ever since. The team plays its home games at the Frank Southern Ice Arena. The list of achievements includes two Big Ten Hockey League championships, eight MCHL championships, and one GMHL championship (2002).

Indiana Hoosiers Colors

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CMYK: (0,100,65,34)

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