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The Elon University in Elon, North Carolina, sponsors over 15 varsity teams sharing the same logotype.

Meaning and history

Elon Phoenix logo history

Elon Phoenix, a renowned name in the world of collegiate athletics, traces its roots to the establishment of Elon University in Elon, North Carolina. Founded in 1889, Elon University has been an integral part of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), particularly in fostering a competitive spirit through its athletic teams known collectively as the Elon Phoenix.

The journey of Elon Phoenix is marked by notable achievements and milestones. Over the years, they have made significant strides in various sports, gaining recognition and accolades. This includes impressive performances in basketball, football, and soccer among other sports. Their achievements are not just limited to victories and titles; the Elon Phoenix have also been known for their spirit of sportsmanship and excellence in collegiate athletics. This blend of competitive success and ethical sports conduct has significantly raised the profile of Elon Phoenix in the NCAA.

As of today, the Elon Phoenix continues to hold a prestigious position in collegiate sports. They are a part of the Colonial Athletic Association, competing at the Division I level of the NCAA. The current standing of Elon Phoenix is a testament to their enduring legacy and commitment to excellence in college sports. They continue to inspire and cultivate talent, contributing significantly to the landscape of collegiate athletics in the United States.

What is Elon Phoenix?
Elon Phoenix is the athletic identity of Elon University, competing in NCAA Division I sports. Known for their competitive spirit and achievements, they are a symbol of excellence in collegiate athletics.

2000 – 2015

Elon Phoenix Logo-2000

Both the previous Elon Phoenix logo (2000) and the current one are based on the phoenix theme. On the old emblem, the mythic bird was depicted above the lettering “Elon Phoenix” on the white background.

2016 – Present

Elon Phoenix Logo

On the current Elon Phoenix logo, which was introduced in 2016, the word “Elon” grew bigger, while the lettering “Phoenix” disappeared. Also, the background behind the letters was not white anymore.

Elon Phoenix basketball

Elon Phoenix basketball logo

The men’s team has competed in the NCAA Division II Tournament one time, in one CollegeInsider.com Postseason Tournament one time, and in the NAIA Tournament three times.

Elon Phoenix baseball

Elon Phoenix baseball logo

The baseball team is coached by Mike Kennedy. They play their home games at on-campus Walter C. Latham Park.

Elon Phoenix Colors

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RGB: (115, 0, 10)
CMYK: (16, 100, 65, 58)

RGB: (181, 154, 87)
CMYK: (24, 31, 74, 10)

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