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This ice hockey team from Estero, Florida came into existence thanks to an article in National Geographic about the Florida Everglades. While reading the article their current General Manager came up with the idea of bringing a hockey team to that part of the country and naming it by analogy with one of the former AHL franchises the Kentucky Thoroughblades. So the Everblades appeared. It was in 1998.

Meaning and history

At a glance it is clear that the team logo is an alligator depicted in green and navy blue. No wonder, there is a vast population of these reptiles in Florida. So why not use the image of a gator in the logo of a hockey team based in the state?

But suffice it to look at the logo more closely that you see that the gator is designed in the form of a hockey skate. Its head with laces on the nose is a shoe, while the wordmark “Florida Everblades” is made to look like the blade. The letter “S” is stylized in such a way that its “tail” forms the edge of the blade. The white letters are especially showy against the navy blue background.

Florida Everblades emblem

This gator-inspired logo seems to be one of the best sports emblems.

There have been four anniversary logos as well ‒ for the 5th, 10th, 15th and 20th anniversaries.