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The logo of the Huntsville Havoc ice hockey team is among the sports logos featuring a fearsome bear. The mascot in the logo matches the team name perfectly well.

Meaning and history

Huntsville Havoc Logo history


2004 – 2017

Huntsville Havoc Logo 2004

The Huntsville Havoc made their first appearance in 2004 presenting their red bear identity mark. The cartoonish beast is threateningly growling. Its head is raised high so as to expose its terrible fangs.

We see the upper torso of the beast. It is holding a hockey stick in its paws. Though it is wearing gloves, the claws are visible.

The bear in the Huntsville Havoc logo is placed against the background of a white circle. The outer black circle features the wordmark “Huntsville” in white. “Havoc” is at the bottom of the logo beneath the stick. The letters are red with a white outline. There are three lines across the last three letters, which looks as if the bear has passed its claws over them.

2017 – Today

Huntsville Havoc logo
The new Huntsville Havoc logo unveiled in 2015 looks simpler. The designers cast away the paws with the stick. Now the bear’s head is inside the circle. The team name inscribed on the black boarder is in white. They use a bespoke typeface, all caps. The whole logo is outlined in silver.
Huntsville Havoc Logo new