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The Fiverr logo looks truly modern and web-friendly, which can be partly explained by the use of the lowercase first letter, as well as the sleek typeface.

Meaning and history

Fiverr Logo history

The story of the Fiverr started in early 2010 inTel Aviv, Israel. Today, it is one of the 100 most popular sites in the U.S.

2009 – 2020

Fiverr Logo 2009
Fiverr used just their wordmark the first couple of years. The letters were fully lowercase, wore a dark grey look and had blocky sort of serif font.

2020 – Today

Fiverr Logo
In 2020, the font was updated to a softer sans-serif style. It was similar in many ways, although the number of extensions and extra lines dropped. They also got rid of the little trademark sign and adopted the green dot right after the wordmark proper. The coloring for the letters also changed to a much lighter grey.


Fiverr emblem

The logo is a simple wordmark in a serif typeface. The emblem would have looked rather generic if not for the unusual combination of the letters “f” and “i”. The official logo features white letters inside a green circle.

Uppercase of lowercase “F” symbol?

Fiverr symbol

Although the letter “f” on the wordmark is lowercased, you need to use the capital “F” whenever you mention the company in a text. This requirement is included in the company’s Brand Usage Guidelines. Also, usingthe ® sign next to the name is obligatory, as it is a registered trademark.


Font Fiverr Logo

The serif lowercase typeface has a lot in common with theBrix Slab Black font developed by Hannes von Dohren and LiviusDietzel, as well as theChunkFive font published by The League of Moveable Type. However, the typeface is customized to the point of uniqueness.


Color Fiverr Logo

The Brand Usage Guidelines require that the letters are white, while the background is green. The black-and-white color scheme is used very often, too.

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