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TeePublic operates as an online platform, curating unique, print-on-demand apparel and merchandise designed by independent artists. Serving a global customer base, it hosts a diverse range of creative works. TeePublic was a subsidiary of Redbubble, an Australian publicly traded company specializing in user-submitted artwork.

Meaning and history

TeePublic stands as a premier destination for uncovering unique designs and clothing crafted by global independent creators. This platform empowers artists, giving them the means to market their original artwork on a variety of products such as clothing, prints, tech accessories, and home decor, all through their own personalized shop front. With no concerns over manufacturing, shipping, or customer support, designers can focus on what they do best — creating.

Shoppers have access to a treasure trove of distinctive art and wearables, brought together from creators worldwide into a single shopping experience. Since its inception in October 2013 by the innovators of BustedTees, TeePublic has seen a steady uptick in revenue for over two and a half years. It’s been a fruitful venture for the artist community, rewarding them with substantial royalties and enabling their creations to reach customers in over 90 countries.

The essence of TeePublic’s vision is to equip designers with robust, expansive tools to disseminate and monetize their art on a global scale, breaking down barriers between artists and markets. This commitment to fostering artistic talent has established TeePublic as more than a marketplace; it’s a haven for creative expression and cultural exchange.


Teepublic Logo

The logo portrays the name “TEEPUBLIC” in bold, uppercase lettering, conveying a sense of reliability and accessibility. To the left, a circular emblem features a graphic of a T-shirt, suggesting the company’s focus on apparel. This symbol is encircled by two laurel branches, traditionally symbols of victory and achievement, which may hint at the platform’s celebration of artistic accomplishment. The stark contrast of black on a white background ensures strong visibility and a classic simplicity.