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GittiGidiyor is the name of an online marketplace, a Turkish subsidiary of eBay. The platform is a leader in global e-commerce, especially in the field of electronics and home appliances. GittyGidiyor, founded in 2001, offers its customers not only Turkish but all the leading international brands.

Meaning and history

GittiGidiyor Logo history

GittyGidiyor was founded at the beginning of the 20th century, but went online-only ten years after, in 2011, though the first two years the online marketplace has still been using the original logo of the company, designed in 2001.

Today the web platform is extremely popular among Turkish buyers, as it can cover all the areas of customer’s needs, and is c ok own for its service and fast approach to delivery and payment. GittyGidiyor has something to offer to everyone, as its portfolio is composed of more than fifty product categories,!8!clueing electronics, gadgets, fashion, and cosmetics.

As for the visual identity of the Turkish marketplace, it has significantly changed throughout the years, going from something abstract and intense to a minimalistic badge with small yet bold colorful accents.

2001 – 2013

GittiGidiyor Logo 2001

The original GittyGidiyor logo was created in 2001 and stayed in use by the company dot a decade, which makes it the most long-lasting logo of the company. It was a black and yellow badge with a funny and friendly emblem, where the black figure with a white eye instead of the head, and arrows replacing hands and legs, was running on a plain yellow circular background. The emblem was set on the left from the black lowercase logotype set in two levels and written in a fancy and distinct serif typeface.

2013 – 2021

GittiGidiyor Logo 2013

The redesign of 2013 happens two years after the launch of the application and the new badge was created with the idea of a mobile app icon, which would be laconic yet recognizable and bright. The new design was based on a colorful geometry, where the emblem was composed of four parallelograms in green, yellow, blue, and red, composing a cross and set on the left from the lightweight lowercase logotype executed in a modern rounded sans-serif typeface and set in one line.

2021 – Today

GittiGidiyor Logo

In 2021 the GittyGidiyor logo gets another redesign and the new version looks very modern and cool. It is a bold and even heavy lowercase sans-serif logotype, which is set in one straight horizontal line and not accompanied by any graphical. The logotype is underlined by a dark gray EBay badge set in its corporate font. The most recognizable and interesting part about the new insignia of the marketplace is the colorful dots above the four letters “I”, which feature red, green, blue, and yellow colors, just like the fragments of the geometric flower from the previous badge.