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The FIU Panthers, representing Florida International University in college sports, are not a conventional company but an athletic division. Mark B. Rosenberg, as the President of FIU, oversees these athletic programs. Centralized in Miami, Florida, this athletic department competes primarily in the NCAA Division I, showcasing the university’s sportsmanship in various national collegiate competitions.

Meaning and history

FIU Panthers logo history

The FIU Panthers, initiated by the establishment of Florida International University in 1965, symbolize the university’s athletic spirit. The founders, spearheaded by then-President Charles Perry, envisioned a university that would not only excel academically but also in athletics. Over the years, the Panthers have achieved remarkable feats, including impressive performances in conferences like Conference USA. Notably, their men’s soccer team reached the NCAA Division I Men’s Soccer Championship finals in 1996. Presently, the FIU Panthers continue to represent the university in various sports, embodying the ethos of excellence and competitive spirit that FIU stands for.

What is the FIU Panthers?
They are the athletic teams of Florida International University, competing in NCAA Division I. Representing a broad spectrum of sports, these teams symbolize the university’s commitment to excellence in athletics and student development.


FIU Panthers Logo-1994

The FIU Panthers logo introduced in 1994 featured a bright yellow panther over the lettering “Golden Panthers” given in a sharp-angled, dynamic type.


FIU Panthers Logo-2001

While this emblem radiated pure fury, the following one (2001) was somewhat calmer, although it preserved the aggressive mood of its predecessor.


FIU Panthers Logo-2009

Florida International University modified its logo in 2009 making the panther more menacing (although it was still the same very recognizable animal). Eventually, the FIU Panthers logo was slightly altered in 2009 to make the “I” more visible.

2010 – Today

FIU Panthers Logo

The logo of Florida International University (FIU), featuring the bold, block letters “FIU” in a deep navy blue with a gold outline, creating a striking contrast and emphasizing a sense of solidity and reliability. Superimposed on the letters is the school’s mascot, a golden panther, leaping forward in a dynamic, aggressive posture. The panther’s design is detailed, with shading that provides a three-dimensional effect, highlighting its muscular build and fierce expression. Its claws are extended, suggesting movement and readiness for action, symbolizing the tenacity and spirited drive of the institution’s student body and athletic teams. The color scheme of navy and gold is classic and authoritative, conveying excellence and tradition. This logo effectively combines text and imagery to represent the university’s identity and its commitment to forward-thinking education and athletic prowess.

FIU Panthers basketball

FIU Panthers basketball logo

The men’s basketball team has appeared in the NCAA Tournament one time (in 1995). They are coached by Anthony Evans and play their home games at the Ocean Bank Convocation Center.

The women’s team has won seven tournaments, six while in the Trans America Athletic Conference, and one while in the Sun Belt Conference. They have made three appearances in the NCAA Division II Tournament.

FIU Panthers baseball

FIU Panthers baseball logo

The Florida International University started its baseball franchise in 1973. So far, the Panthers have reached the post-season 14 times (nine times as a Division I team and five times as a Division II team).

FIU Panthers Colors

RGB: (8, 30, 63)
CMYK: (100, 87, 42, 52)

RGB: (182, 134, 44)
CMYK: (26, 46, 100, 6)

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