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Extended Stay America is an American hotel-chain company, which was established in 1995 and today has more than 600 locations across the USA and Canada. The brand is focused on low-budget long stay rooms.

Meaning and history

Extended Stay America Logo history

1995 – 2006

Extended Stay America Logo-1995
Originally, the logo of ESA was a green rectangular shape with the emblem put in the top and text section in the bottom. The emblem consisted of four elongated ‘E’ letters colored yellow and put side to side in the middle as a windmill. The blank space between them looked, as a result, as a 4-tip star.
The text included ‘ExtendedStay’ written one line, and ‘AmericaHotels’ below it. There were not gaps between the letters, and they were all white (except for ‘America’, which was yellow).

2006 – 2012

Extended Stay America Logo-2006
In 2006, the green background turned into dark blue. The wordmark now occupied the central plane. The design was similar, except ‘Stay’ moved to the second line, ‘Hotels’ was scrapped, and the whole second line became yellow. The emblem was a simple lowercase ‘e’ written in white in the top right corner.

2012 – Today

Extended Stay America Logo

The Extended Stay America visual identity is based on a simple inscription and a bright color palette. The logo is composed of a wordmark and an emblem on its left.

The nameplate features two different styles and colors of the lettering — the upper part has “extended” in the lowercase sans-serif typeface with a diagonal cut of the letter tails, it is colored green.

The lower part “Stay America” is written in all capitals of the straight and neat sans-serif font in a dark chocolate color. It is a clean geometric inscription, which evokes a sense of reliability and confidence.

Extended Stay America Logo

The Extended Stay America emblem is a stylized green star with rounded angles. Its smooth lines create a feeling of comfort and warmth.

The green and chocolate-brown color scheme of the Extended Stay America logo represents the brand that values energy and progress, as well as aims to create a cozy home away from home for its clients.