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Econo Lodge is an American brand of low-budget motels, which was established in 1969. Today the company has a chain of more than 800 motels across North America and is operated by Choice Hotels.

Meaning and history

Econo Lodge Logo history

1962 – 1978

Econo Lodge Logo-1969
The original logo of the Econo Lodge low-budget hotel chain was created in 1962 and featured an interesting image, executed in a black and white color palette. It was a retro slot machine, with the narrowed letters of the hotel chain name set in white rhombuses, in two lines. The box was decorated by five vertical sticks coming out of its upper part with the sphere of different patterns on the end of each stick.

1978 – 2003

Econo Lodge Logo-1978

The redesign of 1978 introduced a completely different concept of the Econo Lodge visual identity. It was a horizontally oriented rectangular badge with the logotype set in two levels and executed in an extra-bold sans-serif typeface, enclosed into a thin red frame with rounded angles. The inscription looked modern and powerful with its massive shapes of letters and intense red color.

2003 – Today

Econo Lodge Logo1

The Econo Lodge visual identity is based on brightness and intensive mood. The rectangular emblem with rounded angles comprises a wordmark and the brand’s symbol above it. The main hero of the logo is a color palette, which makes it stand out and be recognizable.

The bright red background of the emblem created a great contrast with the white lettering of the Econo Lodge wordmark, which is executed in a condensed sans-serif typeface with smooth lines and slightly sharpened ends of the “C”. The inscription boasts a dark shadow which adds volume and movement to the logo.

The oval symbol of the Econo Lodge is composed of a red background with a yellow swirl, forming the letter “E” in the lowercase. Its soft sleek lines and gradient shades of yellow make it look modern and luxurious.

The Econo Lodge logo is simple yet contemporary and remarkable. The brave use of colors works on the brand, showing it as a powerful and passionate. The logo looks confident and energetic, evoking a happy and welcoming sense.