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Excedrin is a brand of a pain relief drug, which is composed of aspirin, paracetamol, and caffeine. The medicine is manufactured by Novartis since 2005 (before it was produced by Bristol-Myers Squibb).

Meaning and history

Excedrin Logo history

???? – 2007

Excedrin Logo old
The first logo was simply the company’s name written in serif letters. The color was a dark hue of red.

???? – Today (International)

Excedrin Logo International

Some time into their history, they opted to have a separate international logo. It was also the company’s name, but written in green letters this time. They were also uppercase and were tilted. On their right, there was also a greenish-yellow silhouette of a head, styled as a ribbon.

2007 – Today (United States)

Excedrin Logo

The Excedrin visual identity was redesigned in 2007 and gained a stylish and modern look. The brand’s wordmark is placed on a white background with a bright green underline, curving on its right.

The slightly italicized capital lettering of the wordmark is executed in a sharp geometric sans-serif typeface, where the ends of the letter-lines are a little extended and the angles are pointed.

The first “E” of the nameplate is enlarged, which creates a powerful and progressive feeling, making the logo look stronger and more confident.

The intense green of the lettering is a symbol of nature and its energy, as well and harmony and stability. For the brand, it means it’s the ability to help people with their health conditions.

Placed on a package, the Excedrin logo featured a bright bottom part, which is colored depending on the type of medicine. The brand also features a memorable and creative tagline “The pain stops. You don’t”, which is written in small green letters above the wordmark.