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Apex, or Apex Energetics, is an American company, specialized in the production of supplements and vitamins dedicated to helping with different health conditions. The brand’s products work on such tasks as blood sugar stabilization, immune system improvement, brain functions activation, and many more.

Meaning and history

Apex logo

The visual identity of the American vitamin manufacturer is composed of two inde-pendent parts, which are sometimes used together. The most recognizable element of the logo is its graphical emblem, which looks solid and bright, as for the logotype, it can mostly be seen on the company’s website and official documents.

The Apex emblem is composed of a framed blue circle with a complicated abstract drawing in the middle. The image shows the vitamin molecules, which deliver all the necessary elements and effects to the human cells. Executed in gradient blue and orange colors, the image looks modern and stylish, yet evokes a sense of profes-sionalism and expertise.

On the thick circular framing, executed in a darker shade of blue, the “Apex Energetic Nutritional Complexes” inscription is located. Written in white capitals of a traditional serif typeface with slightly smooth lines and serifs, it has its upper, “Apex Energetics” lettering slightly enlarged.

As for the logotype, it is executed in a completely different style, evoking a modern and strong feeling. Written in the lowercase of a sans-serif typeface, which is very similar to ITC Avant Garde Gothic, it uses a calm blue shade, symbolizing reliability, and high quality of the company’s products.

The two parts of the logotype are not separated by a space, yet the “Apex” lettering is written in a bolder font. The first lowercase “A” is also the brand’s icon, which can be seen on their website and various digital sources and applications. It looks clean and simple, yet very confident and strong, which is a great combination for the company, specialized in health products, and responsible for its customers’ wellbeing.

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