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The Austrian Hockey League (EBEL) is a professional ice hockey league based in Austria. It is owned by the Austrian Ice Hockey Federation and comprises teams from Austria, Slovenia, and Hungary. The league operates across multiple cities in these countries and is known for its competitive level of play and passionate fan base.

Meaning and history

Austrian Hockey League logo

Since 2003, the top ice hockey league in Austria has been called the Erste Bank Eishockey Liga as its sponsor has been the Erste Bank brand. In fact, the emblem and the wordmark of the bank dominate the Erste Bank Eishockey Liga logo. The lettering “Eishockey Liga” is much smaller and thinner and is placed below. The only element giving a dynamic sporty feel appears to be the blue trail going around the lettering.

Before the Erste Band purchased the rights to the name, the Austrian Hockey League logo featured a completely different color palette and shape.

The history of the league can be traced as far back as 1923, while it has existed in its current form since 1965.

What is Austrian Hockey League?
The Austrian Hockey Leagues is an organization that oversees and manages ice hockey competitions in Austria, including various leagues and divisions. It promotes and develops the sport of ice hockey in the country, organizing tournaments and fostering talent at different levels.