Canadian Soccer League (CSL) logo

Canadian Soccer League logoCanadian Soccer League Logo PNG

Like many Canada-based organizations, the Canadian Soccer League included a red maple leaf in its logo. However, this time it doesn’t dominate the design – about half of the leaf can be seen above the shield. In spite of this popular symbol, the CSL logo looks highly memorable and distinctive.

Meaning and history

Canadian Soccer League logo

There’s a red shield with a football in its lowest corner and the lettering “CSL” in the middle. The abbreviated name of the league is given in white over the black background. There’s the full name of the league in smaller white letters above and the text “Est. 1926” below. The Canadian Soccer League logo has a thin black outline.

What is Canadian Soccer League?
The Canadian Soccer League (CSL) is a professional soccer league in Canada. It serves as a platform for domestic teams to compete and develop talent within the country’s soccer landscape.