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The Bundesliga logo has been modified at least five times since 1996. It has always featured a football, in one form or another.

Meaning and history

Bundesliga Logo history

The Bundesliga is Germany’s primary football competition. It was created in the summer of 1962 in Dortmund at the Westfalenhallen.


Bundesliga Logo-1996

This version had virtually nothing in common with the current one. The logo was a rectangle consisting of two parts. The left part featured a white football with black hexagons. The football was in the center of spiral flows colored yellow, orange, red, and black.

The right field was black with the white writing “Died Bundes Liga” and a triangular emblem, also in white.


Bundesliga Logo-2002

The design was also made up of two parts. The pictorial part featured a jumping football player and a football. It looked like either the player had just hit the ball or was about to do it. The player was white, while the background was red. The second field featured the lettering “Bundes Liga” in two lines. The writing was black, while the background was white.

The two fields could be placed either one above the other or next to each other. In either case, they were decorated with a thin rectangular border with rounded corners.


Bundesliga Logo-2010

The design grew more compact and dimensional. That was because the writing became smaller. It was now placed below the red emblem. The name of the league now occupied only a single line.

There was some depth to the logo due to the red and gray gradient.


Bundesliga Logo-2012

This version reflected the fact that the 2012/2013 playing season was the 50th anniversary season. Due to this, the large figure “50” appeared on the logo paired with the smaller writing “1963-2013.” There was no more gradient.


Bundesliga Logo

The player on the Bundesliga logo has been redrawn. While the most notable modification is that he is now holding his head higher, there is also a couple of other subtle alterations. The ball is closer to the player’s foot. The typeface is slightly different. Both the parts of the word are now bold.

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