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IH is the name of the agricultural machinery producer and distributor from the United States, which was established in 1902 as the International Harvester, and turned into Navistar International in 1986. The company was well-known for its trucks and tractors, and also produced small garden and household equipment, such as lawn-movers.

Meaning and history

IH (International Harvester) Logo history

The International Harvester was a real people’s’ brand, which produced not only large commercial and agricultural machinery but also equipment, needed in every house. Due to its wide market, the brand didn’t care about the recognizability of its logo much and simply used a stylized monogram on its vehicles. The IH logo was redesigned just once, in 1986, in an attempt to get a more modern and progressive look.

What is IH?
IH, previously known as the International Harvester, is one of the largest American companies, engaged in the production of agricultural machinery. The company was established in 1902, and today is a part of the Navistar International Corporation.

1902 – 1915

IH (International Harvester) Logo 1902

The very first logo for the International Harvester was introduced in 1902. It was an elegant monogram in light brown, placed on a plain white background. The overlapping letters featured thin smooth lines and delicate soft serifs, which added style and sophistication. The “H” was placed inside the thin “C”, which looked almost like a closed ring, and the thick straight “I” was crossing the “H” in its middle, coming from the top point of the “C” to the bottom one.

1915 – 1923

IH (International Harvester) Logo 1915

The logo portrays the word “International” in an elegant, cursive script that is reminiscent of calligraphic handwriting. The deep blue hue of the text gives it a sense of professionalism and reliability. The script flows smoothly from left to right, suggesting fluidity and efficiency. The line beneath the text acts as a grounding element, providing stability and a base from which the company stands firm. This design reflects a company that values tradition and professionalism, with a personal touch that might suggest a customer-focused approach.

1923 – 1947

IH (International Harvester) Logo 1923

In the logo, the name is presented within a sharp, star-like red and white emblem, which is dynamic and bold. The red color is passionate and energetic, while the white provides a clean contrast that enhances visibility and impact. The geometric shapes within the emblem give a sense of precision and cutting-edge design, suggesting a company that is at the forefront of its industry. The arrow-like shapes pointing outward could represent the company’s outreach and expansion in various directions.

1938 – 1953

IH (International Harvester) Logo 1938

This logo features “International” within a blue and white diamond-shaped figure, which conveys a strong corporate image. The combination of blue and white is classic and suggests trustworthiness and dependability. The diamond shape is often associated with quality and durability, qualities that would be desirable in the company’s products. The encapsulation of the text within the diamond signifies a complete and self-contained entity, indicative of a company that offers comprehensive solutions.

1946 – 1973

IH (International Harvester) Logo 1946

In 1946 the company hires a famous artist Raymond Loewy to redesign the letter series of their tractors. The result was so good that the management asked Loewy to also rethink the main badge. And this is how the famous “Man on Tractor” logo appeared: Loewy sketched it on a menu while being on the train from Chicago to New York. However, it took some time for the company to change the official visual identity of the International Harvester, and the logo was introduced only in 1946.

The main part of the new logo consisted of two letters — the uppercase “H” in a massive bold sans-serif, drawn in black, and the lowercase “I” with square shapes, executed in red and placed over the “H”. The dot above the “I” was replaced by the square, which made the whole logo look masculine and strong.

As for the “International Harvester” inscription, set under the emblem, it was written in all capitals of a simple and neat sans-serif typeface, in black. The letters were slightly narrowed and looked very modest, giving all attention to the black and red monogram in the center of the badge.

The iconic “Man On Tractor” emblem was kept even after the acquisition of the brand by Navistar in 1986.

1973 – 1986

IH (International Harvester) Logo

The final logo consists of a bold, vertical “I” intersected by a horizontal “H” in a stark black and white design. This minimalist approach strips away any superfluous details and focuses on the strong, foundational aspects of the company. The stark contrast of black and white suggests clarity of purpose and a no-nonsense approach to business. The symmetry of the design speaks to balance and equality, reinforcing the company’s stable and reliable reputation.

Font and color

The International Harvester inscription from the bottom part of the IH logo is written in the uppercase of a traditional and clean sans-serif typeface, which is very close to such fonts as Arial Arabic Bold and Akhbar Bold, the strict and neat types with professional and fundamental character and a sense of stability.

The red and black color palette of the International Harvester visual identity is a representation of the passion and strength of the company. This combination also evokes a sense of seriousness and protection, though sometimes can look brutal and even aggressive, depending on the placement.

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