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Elemental Motor Company is a British firm that was initiated by John Begley and Mark Fowler. Based in Hampshire, UK, the company focuses on manufacturing the Elemental RP1, a road-legal two-seater sports car. The RP1 is notable for its lightweight construction and adjustable dynamics, emphasizing a blend of modern design with track-level performance.

Meaning and history

Hailing from the UK, Elemental Motor Company is distinguished for revolutionizing electric transportation. Initiated in 2012, the enterprise swiftly soared to prominence for its avant-garde styling and technological prowess. Their inaugural marvel, the RP1, merged the agility of sports cars with electric efficiency, winning acclaim for its aerodynamic silhouette and remarkable electric autonomy. The RP1 made its grand entrance at the 2014 Goodwood Festival, lauded for its racing-inspired craftsmanship, infused with the wisdom of Formula One and luxury car architects.

Elemental has since ventured into versatile terrains with their E-Sport Utility Vehicle, fusing electric vigor with rugged adventurism. Their dedication to green travel has cemented Elemental Motor Company as a vanguard in the electric automotive realm.

What is Elemental?
Elemental emerges from the United Kingdom, carving a niche in the crafting and engineering of elite sports vehicles. Their reputation is anchored in pioneering engineering techniques, prioritizing featherlight chassis and cutting-edge aerodynamic profiles to amplify the dynamism of their automobiles.


Elemental Logo

The logo features two symmetrical, wing-like shapes, evoking movement or ascension in a stylized fashion. The design is modern, with a metallic gradient from silver to shadowed gray, adding depth where they converge.Below, “ELEMENTAL” appears in a minimalist, sans-serif font, giving the emblem above the spotlight, radiating elegance. The subtle lettering ensures the emblem takes precedence in the design’s visual hierarchy, embodying sophistication.



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