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Keating Supercars is a British automaker specializing in producing high-performance supercars. Founded by Dr. Anthony Keating, the company has its operations rooted in Bolton, UK. Distinguished for its commitment to engineering excellence, Keating has successfully introduced various supercar models into the global market.

Meaning and history

Keating Supercars Logo

Established by Dr. Anthony Keating in the mid-2000s, Keating Supercars emerged as an emblem of British automotive innovation. Originating from Bolton, UK, the brand has a reputation for creating supercars that challenge the boundaries of speed and design. Notably, their vehicles like The Bolt and TKR have marked significant milestones, setting top speed records. As of the most recent updates, Keating continues to refine its craft, persistently pushing the limits of supercar performance and luxury.

What is Keating Supercars?
Keating Supercars is a UK-based company known for designing and manufacturing high-end supercars. Founded by Dr. Anthony Keating, it has earned a reputation for its performance-focused vehicles.