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Dulux is a brand of paint, created for both interior and exterior architectural needs. The brand was established in 1931 in the United Kingdom and today is one of the most recognizable labels of paint across the globe, loved by both professional and amateur designers and architects.

Meaning and history

Dulux Logo history

Dulux is one of the brands, owned by the International chemical concern AkzoNobel, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of paints, coatings, and special purpose chemicals. The world’s largest construction companies choose AkzoNobel products for the most ambitious and large-scale architectural projects. Among them are the Vatican library, La Scala theater in Milan, the Olympic stadium in Sydney, and the Eye of London Ferris wheel.

The history of Dulux paint products dates back to 1926 when a chemical concern ICI was founded in Great Britain, specializing in the production of explosives and dyes. A few years after the foundation of the concern, its management decided to withdraw the production of furniture varnish into a separate structural unit, which was named ICI Paint.

The Dulux brand predates the emergence of the glossy paint products that are now known the world over. It was founded in 1932 when ICI together with DuPont introduced the first ever glossy paint that was not intended for the mass consumer. The products of the brand became available to the public in the 1950s.

Whatis Dulux?
Dulux is a brand of paint and coverings, owned by AkzoNobel. The brand was established in 1932 when Imperial Chemical Industries and DuPont produced the first high-quality gloss paint Dulux for professionals.

Before 2001

Dulux Logo before 2001The old logo depicted a wordmark with a circular emblem on its left. The wave motif was the basis of the brand’s visual identity — with the smoothly curved bottom of the inscription and two white waves on the emblem.

2001 – 2010

Dulux Logo 2001
The 2001 logo is simply the wordmark of the brand, except with a brighter shade of blue and slightly taller letters.

2010 – Today

Dulux Logo

The name of the brand, Dulux, says a lot about the quality of its product — luxury. And the visual identity of the world’s most famous paint label only adds to this feeling, elevating the brand to a new level due to the perfect execution and juicy color palette.

The current company’s logo was designed in 2010 and is completely different from the previous one, though keeps the blue color of the lettering and the style of the typeface. Design Bridge bureau, responsible for the new design, added a bright color accent, which changed the perception of the brand’s character and principles.

The new logo keeps the legacy of the previous one but in a more stylish and modern way. The current visual identity is composed of sleek lettering with an emblem, depicting a human silhouette in motion, holding a huge waving flag, which spreads to the left, covering the nameplate from the top.

The flag is drawn in the rainbow color spectrum, showing the variety of colors and styles, the paint label offers for any interior and exterior design possible.

The Dulux logo is contemporary and dynamic, looking elegant and fine it reflects the progressive brand with strong principles and value of quality and design. The logo is positive and evokes a sense of creativity and friendliness.


The custom typeface of the wordmark was created by Rob Clarke, a famous graphic designer. Its sleek smooth lines resemble a Mart Ultra Font, but with softened angles and refined contours of the letters.

The typeface looks modern and sophisticated with its curves and terminals and is perfectly balanced in terms of size and spacing — both between and inside the letters. It is a precisely executed inscription, which is sleek and luxurious, as the brand’s name.

Logo Dulux


Dulux is known to be one of the most famous players in the decorative paint world’s market. The company produces a wide range of premium-quality finishes, including both interior and exterior types.

The brand has a huge experience and expertise in the paint production, as was founded in the 1930s and never stopped the research and development process.

The iconic label not only produces paint, but there is also an assortment of various coating and adhesives in its catalog. It has several sub-brands, committed to delivering a suitable solution to all the possible needs of the company’s customers — waterproof, weather-resistant, glossy and silky textures. There are Dulux paints for all the design projects and the most exclusive interior projects.

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