Action Against Hunger Logo

Action Against Hunger Logo

Action Against Hunger is a French foundation that was established in 1979 and today operates internationally in order to help people get access to safe drinking water and food.

Meaning and history

Action Against Hunger Logo history

The Action Against Hunger visual identity is bright eye-catching and meaningful. It is composed of a wordmark with an emblem on its left.

The classic gray of the all caps lettering features a strict and straight sans-serif typeface with square-cut tops of the letters. Gray shows the stability and reliability of the foundation, evoking a sense of trust.

The green and blue emblem of the organization depicts a fruit, where the leaves are aspartame’s from the body, and the blue circle has a white drop of water on it. The emblem is a symbol of both water and food, and its calm yet strong colors represent the energy of nature and its power.

symbol Action Against Hunger

The Action Against Hunger logo is strong and laconic. It shows the main beliefs of the institute and its professional and confident approach to what it does in order to provide people in need with all the necessary products.