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Winchester is a short name for the American arms producer, the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, which was established in 1866 and named after its founder. Today it is one of the most well-known fire-arms brands in the world and has its subsidiaries in Europe and the USA.

Meaning and history

The logo of one of the world’s most famous firearms manufacturers is bright and memorable. There are three different versions in use by the brand, but all are based on one, so the color palette and the style is pretty much the same.

Logo Winchester

The main Winchester logo is composed of a very detailed image of a man riding a horse. Moving to the right, as a symbol of progress, they are drawn in black and white, with a lot of lines and volume.

Under the emblem, the red bold wordmark in all capitals is placed. Written in a custom instantly recognizable serif typeface with geometric contours of the letters and sharp bold serifs, it looks powerful and cool.

The deep red color of the inscription adds a sense of passion and strength, perfectly balancing the monochrome emblem and a black tagline, placed under the nameplate.

The tagline says “Repeating Arms” as is written in a traditional serif typeface with all letters capitalized. There is a lot of space between the symbols, so it looks professional and light at the same time.

Winchester Logo

The second version of the logo the brand uses is just a wordmark with a tagline, placed inside a sky-blue rectangle. The red color here is a bit brighter than on the main version, but all the lines and spaces are just the same.

And, finally, the Winchester icon. It is composed of a three-dimensional capital “W”, executed in two shades of red, in order to add more volume and gloss to it. The “W” is usually placed on a white background but can be used with any color, as it is solid and classy on its own.

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