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Hushmail is the name of a secure email service based in Canada that encrypts your email. Their business is based on simplicity to better understand potential threats and keep their customers safe. Hushmail uses the name “passphrase” for the login field commonly referred to as “password,” thus encouraging people to use more complex passwords – phrases rather than words.

Meaning and history

Hushmail is one of the email platforms, which is not much into visual identity, but more about the quality of the services provided. The logo was designed for the provider shortly after Hushmail launch in 1999, and not much has been changed throughout the years. Some typeface refinements, but most of them went unnoticed.

1999 – Today

Hushmail Logo

The Hushmail logo is composed of a bold logotype in two colors and styles, followed by a modest emblem, which is placed a bit lower the line, on the right from the lettering. The “Hush” part of the wordmark is set in a strong bold sans-serif typeface with its massive letters straight, and colored dark sea-blue. As for the “Mail part, it uses an italicized version of the same font, and a calm gray shade. Sometimes the inscription has a thin orange underline.

The Hushmail emblem in a solid black keyhole, set on a white background and enclosed into a diagonally oriented orange oval frame. And that is it. Very simple, light, yet memorable and recognizable logo with the color palette evoking a sense of confidence and energy.


Hushmail uses a typical sans-serif font with slightly extending lines. The letters are bold and have common, balanced proportions. The ‘mail’ section also has a slightly slanted look, as opposed to the upright style in ‘Hush’. The colors also change from section to section.


The logo as a whole uses a rather fading color palette. The emblem is a combination of a black keyhole with an orange ring surrounding it. As for the lettering, they gave the first half of the name a pale blue shade. The second half has an equally pale grey coloring.

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