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Drip is the name of an American marketing company, which is engaged in the e-commerce strategy business. The company, established in 2012, helps the owners online stores with keeping and expanding their client base, using different analytics and statistics tools.

Meaning and history

Drip is an American marketing company, founded in 2012, helping its customers with increasing their online sales by analyzing the market and attracting new customers. The company designs strategies for each e-commerce business to help with keeping and expanding its audience, using statistic tools and special software.

Drip not only works with existing online stores but also provides full support for start-ups, helping them in getting first sales. The company has something to offer to each kind of online business.

The work of the platform is based on the E-commerce Customer Relationship Management program, which gathers all information from existing and potential clients, and deeply analyzes it, differentiating the best marketing channels to use for the given brand.

What is Drip?

Drip is an American company, which was established in 2012 as a tool for e-commerce businesses to expand, and grow their customer base. The service analyses connections between the client and the product, creating chains and attracting new customers.

As for the visual identity, Drip looks friendly and cool, using bright colors for its main website, but switching to monochrome for a more professional look. The logo, composed of a graphical emblem and lettering looks progressive and stylish, reflecting the values of the company and its approach to business.

2012 – Today

Drip Logo

The Drip logo boasts a combination of a simple emblem, placed on the left from a custom lowercase logotype. It has two main versions of the color palette: an acid-pink one, or a black on white. Both insignias look cool and contemporary.

The emblem of the marketing company features a contoured image of a drop, with three solid dots placed horizontally on its top part, cutting through the drop’s contours. These dots make the emblem look like a smiling alien, creating a fun and memorable image.

As for the lettering, set on the right from the emblem, it is executed in the lowercase of a custom sans-serif typeface, which looks pretty close to Sanzettica 4 Bold, but with the letter “R” modified. It looks more like the Russian “Г”, with straight lines creating the right angle. This “R” adds character and uniqueness to the logo, making it instantly recognizable, and showing the futuristic approach of the company.