Celestial Seasonings Logo

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Celestial Seasonings Logo

Celestial Seasonings is an American brand of the tea manufacturing company, which was founded in 1969. Today is one of the biggest players in the world’s tea market, offering more than 70 varieties of tea.

Meaning and history

Celestial Seasonings Logo history

The Celestial Seasonings emblem has always been an example of classic elegance, with a rich heritage and historical feel. But in 2015 the company decided to redesign its logo in order to make it more modern and bold.

The current Celestial Seasonings logo is composed of an arched wordmark with a small graphical element between the letters.

The inscription in all the capital letters is executed in a serif typeface with an elegantly curved horizontal bar of “T”. The first “C” and the last “L” of the nameplate are enlarged, which harmonized the wordmark, adding symmetry.

The “Seasonings” part is smaller letters is placed under the “Celestial” and written in a neat and simple sans-serif font.

Celestial Seasonings Logo

The yellow star, coming from the space between “T” and “I”, adds finesse and sophistication to the logo, creating a colorful emphasis.

The brown and yellow color palette of the Celestial Seasonings logo is a traditional and understandable choice for the brand’s tea profile. It evokes a warm and welcoming feeling, showing the brand as reliable and confident.