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Dole is the name of an agricultural company, established in 1951 in the USA. The corporation is considered to be the world’s biggest manufacturer and distributor of fruits and vegetables and operates in almost 100 countries across the globe.

Meaning and history

Dole Logo history

1957 – 1986

Dole Logo 1957The Dole visual identity was always based on red bold lettering of the nameplate. The original version of 1957 was composed of a wordmark and a green crown above the letter “O”, resembling a pineapple. The logo stayed with the brand for almost thirty years.

1986 – Today

Dole Logo 1986
The logo we all know today was designed in 1986. The red lettering was modernized into a more smooth sans-serif typeface, where all the letters were placed close to each other, with no space left. The blue underline was thick and straight. The most significant detail of the Dole logo from 1986 is a yellow abstract image of the sun, which was placed in the letter “O” and spread on “D” and “L”.

The logo, created in 1986 by Landor Associates, was slightly modified in 2018. The green leaf-shape frame was added to the wordmark and a blue inscription of the tagline was placed under the emblem.

1986 – Today

Dole logo
“Powering You!” In a rounded sans-serif font balanced the blue underline of the wordmark and says a lot about the company’s profile and values.
Dole Logo