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Knauf is an international group of companies specializing in manufacturing construction materials, including plasters, dry lining systems, thermal insulation composite systems, and paints, to name just a few.

Meaning and history

The company’s roots can be traced back to 1932. On its official website, Knauf describes its history as the way from “a family-run company to a globally operating family of companies.” It has been pretty consistent in its visual brand identity.

The only element of the Knauf logo is the name of the brand set in a heavy sans serif typeface. The overall look of the type is rather generic. Yet, the extended ends of the initial “K” and the final “F” add a unique touch. They create a visual rhythm and a kind of symmetry, too.

Knauf Logo

Although the letters are heavy, they are also italicized, due to which the design adopts some dynamism.

We cannot say that the emblem is meaningful – it is impossible to guess in what industry the brand works judging by the Knauf logo. Yet, this approach seems sensible when it comes to a brand identity that belongs to a group of companies with different specialization. The palette also shares this approach as it is neutral and just “business-like.”