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Divco, a celebrated name in American automotive industry, was owned by the Divco-Wayne Corporation. The company made its mark manufacturing distinct milk trucks in the mid-20th century. Headquartered in the Midwest, they widely serviced regions across the United States, and have played a substantial role in the daily distribution of dairy products.

Meaning and history

Divco was initiated by George Bacon and Charles Bonham in 1926. They set a legacy in the automobile industry with their iconic multi-stop delivery trucks. Over time, Divco trucks became a symbol of the American dairy industry, bridging dairy producers with consumers. In the latter part of the 20th century, Divco merged with Wayne Works to form Divco-Wayne. Today, Divco trucks are highly valued as antiques, treasured pieces of American history.

What is Divco?
Divco was an iconic American automotive manufacturer known for its distinct delivery trucks. The company operated in the mid-20th century and significantly shaped the U.S. dairy industry.

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