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While the Lambretta logo looks stylish, dynamic, and memorable, you can perceive an apparent legibility problem.

Meaning and history

Lambretta is a range of vehicles, which primarily comprises motor scooters. Originally, the scooters were made in Milan, Italy, by Innocenti, an Italian machinery works founded by Ferdinando Innocenti in 1920.

The logo seen on the scooters features the word “Lambretta” in a decorative custom type. While the shape of most glyphs is somewhat unusual, they are still recognizable and easy to understand.

The main problem is with the letter “L.” Its horizontal bar is far thinner than the vertical one. Also, it is extended and goes below all the other letters. As a result, some people who are unfamiliar with the brand may suggest it is just a decorative horizontal bar, while the initial is, in fact, the “I” (and it does look like an “I”). The same can be said about the double “t.” The long horizontal bar looks as if it does not belong to the letters, so the glyphs can be read as the “l’s.”

Lambretta Logo

And yet, the logo is quite popular and familiar to many customers, which in a way resolves the legibility problem described above.

Innocenti emblem

For years, the Lambretta scooter featured the Innocenti logo. Its design varied greatly. The 1947 logo, for instance, showcased three oval-framed letters “i’s,” each representing one of the three branches of the firm. On the 1947 Lambretta logo, you could see the word “Inocenti” in block lettering inside a rectangle with rounded corners. The 1963 emblem featured the “i” inside an oval, while the current version showcases a symbiosis of the “n” and “i.”


The Lambretta logo features a refined shade of bright red, which makes it eye-catching.