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Delco Remy, a subsidiary of BorgWarner, is a pioneer in the development and manufacture of vehicle parts, particularly starters and alternators. With headquarters in Indiana, USA, the company has global operations, leveraging its strong position in markets across North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

Meaning and history

Delco Remy Logo history

Delco Remy, established in 1896 by Charles Kettering and Edward A. Deeds, has been at the forefront of automotive parts manufacturing since its inception. The company’s breakthroughs, notably the first electric starter and advanced alternators, have revolutionized the industry. Currently, as part of BorgWarner, Delco Remy maintains a robust presence globally, continuing to innovate and deliver high-quality products.

What is Delco Remy?
Delco Remy is an American automotive parts company, best known for manufacturing starters and alternators. It’s a subsidiary of BorgWarner, with global operations.

1918 – 19??

Delco Remy Logo 1918

The name of the company was the key figure in this logo. it was printed using bold, sans-serif letters of a dark color with a lighter outline. The letters were aligned at the bottom, while their top created an arch. Besides the brand name, the logo had an additional stroke that specified its focus. It had “Starting – Lightning – Ignition Systems” printed in a small, sans-serif font of black color with all capitalized letters. This stroke was framed by two darker lines on top and bottom. The addition of a seal with “Remy printed in the center added a truly professional touch.

19?? – 1994

Delco Remy Logo

This logo looks very different from the original. It has a bolder and more daring look. Besides the color palette, which featured black, white, and red, it was achieved by choosing an appropriate typeface. The font used to print the name features strict, clean, bold lines that have straight cuts beautifully combined with diagonal cuts. The corners of the letters also feature a mixture of rounded curves and straight turns.