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Delahaye, a distinguished French automotive manufacturer, was established in 1894 by Emile Delahaye. The firm’s legacy rests in the hands of esteemed collectors and enthusiasts. Based in France, Delahaye extended its operations beyond national borders, showcasing French mechanical ingenuity globally.

Meaning and history

Delahaye Logo history

Delahaye, an esteemed name in the automotive industry, was brought to life in 1894 by Emile Delahaye. The company created ripples in the automobile industry with its innovations, most notably the 135 Competition model which emerged victorious in the Monte Carlo Rally and Le Mans. Though the firm ceased production in 1954, its legacy is carried forward by classic car aficionados worldwide.

What is Delahaye?
Delahaye is a historic French car manufacturer, famed for its luxury and racing vehicles. Founded in 1894, it ceased production in 1954.

1894 – 1901

Delahaye Logo 1894

The founder’s last name, which became the brand’s name, is featured in the company’s logo. It is placed into a square frame with rounded corners and printed to create an illusion of perspective, with characters getting smaller as they go off into the horizon. They chose a bold, serif font and put the letters very close next to each other so they touched in one or several spots. This was done to allow the emblem to have no background. The name simply floated in the air being attached only to the frame.

1901 – 1905

Delahaye Logo 1901

It looks like the company liked that the inscription is not simply written in one line. This time, the characters filled a triangular shape that had two of its corners cut and the line connecting them slightly curving to create an illusion of a shape that was not flat. This impression was enhanced by the fact that the letters in the center were significantly bigger than the first and last characters. The contrasting dark blue and white color palette made the logo look luxurious and professional.

1905 – 1954

Delahaye Logo

The previous logo was slightly reworked. The colors got flipped and the blue color got notably lighter. In addition, the designers made the emblem look more symmetrical, drawing an oval shape with two ends cut straight. The inscription was adjusted accordingly. The oval emblem was now accompanied by a line underneath that said “Automobiles”. It was printed using a bold font with spur serif on some letters. The letters were spaced very closely, which not only allowed this line to be the same width as the emblem above but also look on par with the bold, large letters spelling out “Delahaye”.

1921 – 1954

Delahaye Logo 1921

The oval shape of the previous emblem was extended lower to make space for the additional line that said “USA” in black using a small typeface.  The letters forming the name changed only their color to red. They also had a thin, three-dimensional silver frame which was also used to outline the base shape and the “USA” inscription. The logo now had a glossy beige finish with a red border that matched the “Delahaye” line. The logo turned out very bold and had a completely different feel while preserving some of the elements seen in the earlier brand logos.