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Multicar is a German automaking company, which was established in 1920 and specialized in the production of agricultural and commercial vehicles. It is a pretty small business, which works mainly on the European market.

Meaning and history

The Multicar visual identity is simple yet bold and bright. The text-based logo is executed in two versions — with and without underline, depending on the placement. On all the cars of the brand, there is just a simple logotype, executed in a calm silver-gray with a black horizontal stripe, not always even visible, while for printed material and official documents the company uses a more colorful version.

The wordmark in the lowercase is executed in a bold modern sans-serif typeface, which is pretty close to Lustra Black font, but with the letters “T” and “A” modified — “T” has its tail curved and “A” has an open contour.

Multicar Logo

The lettering’s underline has its right part going up and forming a sharp angle, which adds dynamics and playfulness to the whole logo.

The official color palette of the Multicar is composed of bright blue and orange, colors that represent energy, reliability, and passion. They also evoke a sense of loyalty and show the customer as the center of the company’s interests.