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Delage, a prestigious automotive manufacturer, is presently owned by Les Amis de Delage. The company, first established by Louis Delage in France in 1905, is renowned for its luxury cars and race vehicles. Operating primarily in Europe, Delage continues to thrive as it melds tradition with innovation, producing automobiles that embody French elegance and technical excellence.

Meaning and history

Delage Logo history

Delage, a French luxury automobile and racecar manufacturer, was founded by Louis Delage in 1905. Throughout its history, Delage has distinguished itself with numerous victories in Grand Prix races, reflecting the exceptional performance and elegance of its vehicles. In recent years, the company, now managed by Les Amis de Delage, continues its legacy by merging tradition with innovation, creating automotive masterpieces appreciated by connoisseurs worldwide.

What is Delage?
Delage is a renowned French company, originally established in 1905. Known for manufacturing luxury automobiles and racecars, it continues to epitomize French elegance and technical superiority under the management of Les Amis de Delage.

1905 – 1953

Delage Logo 1905

The fact that this logo was used for almost half a century proves that it was well-designed. The dark blue oval shape with a white frame looked rich and created an image of a trustworthy brand. The name of the brand was printed in white, bold, serif typeface. All the characters were uppercase and had a different height as the inscription repeated the shape of the base, leaving only some space to create an illusion of a border.

2019 – now

Delage Logo

This logo is almost identical to the original. The blue color now has a purple undertone and a gradient with a shadow along the bottom. Given lighter background color, the letters were made bolder and were no longer as bright white, but rather had a beige tint to them. Finally, the blue border around the emblem was made significantly wider, making the white outline stand out even more. The redesign was a perfect update to the original logo.