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Cisitalia was an Italian automotive company founded in 1946 by Piero Dusio. It specialized in the production of sports and racing cars. Cisitalia gained recognition for its innovative design and engineering, and its cars were known for their sleek and aerodynamic appearance. The company operated in Turin, Italy, and played a significant role in the post-war automotive industry, contributing to the development of iconic Italian automobiles.

Meaning and history

Cisitalia Logo

Cisitalia, founded by Piero Dusio in 1946, was an Italian automobile company renowned for its innovative designs and racing success. The company’s main achievements included the iconic Cisitalia 202 Gran Sport, an elegant sports car considered a masterpiece of post-war automotive design. Cisitalia also achieved notable victories in prestigious races, such as the Mille Miglia and the Targa Florio. Despite its short lifespan, the company’s impact on automotive history remains significant. However, Cisitalia ceased production in the early 1950s, and today it holds a place in the annals of automotive design and racing heritage.

What is Cisitalia?
Cisitalia was an Italian automobile manufacturer founded in 1946. It produced a range of sports cars and racing cars, known for their sleek design and innovative engineering, making a significant impact on automotive design history.