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De Tomaso is a renowned Italian auto-manufacturing company, currently managed by the Ideal Team Ventures. The company crafts high-performance sports cars, known for their distinct design and powerful engineering. Primarily operating out of Modena, Italy, their commitment to design excellence and innovative engineering techniques continually sets them apart in the automobile industry.

Meaning and history

De Tomaso Logo history

Established in 1959 by Argentinian-Italian racing driver Alejandro De Tomaso, De Tomaso Automobili is an iconic manufacturer of sports and luxury vehicles. The company made its mark with notable models like the Pantera, which combined European style with American power. Currently, under the Ideal Team Ventures ownership, the company is going through a revival, introducing the P72, a modern interpretation of the classic sportscar concept, to the automotive world.

What is De Tomaso?
De Tomaso is a prominent Italian manufacturer of luxury sports cars, historically recognized for melding American muscle with European style. Founded in 1959, the company is presently experiencing a revival under new ownership.

1959 – 2004

De Tomaso Logo 1959

The unique design of the logo was a perfect match for the distinct look of the automobiles created by DeTomaso. It was a vertical rectangular shape with a white strip running down the center and two sky blue on either side of it. A gradient added interest and made the emblem look glossy. A three-dimensional look of the framing was repeated in the letter “T”. The initial featured a slightly thicker black line, but the most interesting part was the font chosen to write it. The rounded shape of the strokes reminded of hieroglyphs and added distinctiveness to the logo.

2009 – 2011

De Tomaso Logo 2009

The company’s initial slightly resembled the shape of the “T” in the original logo. At the same time, it had a much bolder look thanks to thicker strokes and the addition of straight corners. In fact, it could even be mistaken for an “X”. There was nothing in the background, but the “T” was accompanied by the full name printed underneath it. The designers used a bold, sans-serif font similar to Panton Rust Bold Base.

2019 – 2022

De Tomaso Logo 2019

The original emblem was brought back with a few modifications. The frame and the initial snow had one solid black and the background also no longer had a gradient. The company also had the initial redrawn. A calligraphic typeface was used to create a simpler shape with two curved lines forming the letter.

2022 – now

De Tomaso Logo

This logo does not differ much from the previous version. The most noticeable change is the color blue, which is no longer as bright. The white also has another undertone. The designers also added the full company name under the rectangular emblem. The font used to print it was the same as in the logo created in 2009, only the strokes were no longer bold.

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