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Dasani is an American still and sparkling water label, launched by Coca-Cola in 1999. The branded bottles are well-known and distributed across the globe, being one of many of Coca-Cola’s filtered water labels.

Meaning and history

The Dasani logotype was designed in 1999 and is still in use by the brand. The color and shape of the letters were slightly modified throughout the years, but the concept remained the same.

The Dasani wordmark is executed in a sleek custom sans-serif typeface, with all the letters capitalized. The middle “S” stands out with its elongated smooth silhouette. There are also unique curved and elongated horizontal bars of both letters “A” of the nameplate. It evokes a sense of moving water, resembling a calm wave.

Dasani Logo

The curves of three letters are balanced by strict straight contours of “D”, “N” and “I”. The wordmark is completely harmonized and a lot of space between the lines adds a relaxed and pleasant sensation.

The royal blue color of the Dasani logo makes it look great on any background, whether it is a transparent water bottle or a modern design of Dasani Sparkling, which is all silver with bright color accents.

The Dasani logo is contemporary and stylish. It’s simplicity only adds luxury and elegance to the brand’s visual identity and make it stand out and be instantly recognizable.