Dacia Logo

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Dacia Logo
Dacia is a low-budget car brand established in 1966 in Romania, basing on the aircraft manufacturing plant. It was acquired by Renault in 1999 and today is one of the largest Romanian companies.

Meaning and history

Dacia Logo history

The name of the brand, Dacia, is derived from the ancient name of Romania, Dakia. However, the first name of the company was UAP (abbreviation for Uzina de Autorurisme Pitesti), and it was changed to Dacia only in 1991.
The brand values its roots and background and does its best as one of the leading companies in its country.
The Dacia logo designs have always been loyal to traditions and once created, its’s shield-like shape hasn’t been changed until the redesign of 2010.
The Dacia logo of 1968 — 1991 featured the same shape, just a different color palette. The first two versions, from the UAP era, depicted an eagle with a wordmark on top. In 1991 the monochrome shield featured an outline and a “Dacia” nameplate in the same ornate typeface as the original logo.
In 2000 the color scheme was changed to blue and white, which made the Dacia visual identity brighter. The next, 2003, redesign added a pattern to the shield and changed the typeface to a more modern. The shield gained a new silver outline.
The current Dacia logo was designed in 2013, it still keeps the shield-shape, but in more modern execution. The bottom angle is rounded and the emblem is made three-dimensional.
The silver-gray and blue color palette looks elegant and evokes a sense of professionalism and confidence.
The Dacia logo is simple yet recognizable and modern. It shows the brand as a modest but strong one.