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Trip.com is a global travel services provider, primarily focusing on accommodation reservation, transportation ticketing, packaged tours, and corporate travel management. It caters to a wide range of travelers worldwide, with a strong presence in the Asian market, particularly China. This company, listed on NASDAQ, is led by James Liang and Jane Sun, reflecting a blend of innovation and leadership. Ownership is a mix of public shareholders and corporate investments, showcasing a dynamic business model in the evolving travel industry.

Meaning and history

Trip com Logo history

Trip.com Group, initially known as Ctrip, was founded in 1999 in Shanghai, China. Starting as a small travel agency, it rapidly evolved into a leading online travel agency (OTA) in China. A significant milestone was its IPO on NASDAQ in 2003, marking its transition into a publicly-traded company.

The company’s growth trajectory involved strategic acquisitions and partnerships. A notable turning point was the acquisition of Skyscanner, a UK-based travel search site, in 2016. This expanded its global footprint significantly. In 2017, it merged with Qunar, another Chinese travel giant, creating a powerhouse in China’s travel industry.

In 2019, Ctrip rebranded to Trip.com Group, reflecting its global ambitions beyond China. This rebranding was part of a larger strategy to diversify its services and market reach, targeting a broader international audience.

Throughout its journey, Trip.com Group has been adaptive, leveraging technology and customer-centric approaches to navigate changes in the travel industry. The company has witnessed shifts in ownership and management, but consistently maintained its focus on innovation and expansion.

Trip.com Group’s success is attributed to its dynamic leadership and ability to foresee market trends. Despite challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic, which heavily impacted the travel industry, the company demonstrated resilience and adaptability, employing strategies to sustain and grow its business.

Today, Trip.com Group stands as a testament to the transformative power of technology and globalization in the travel sector, continuously evolving to meet the changing needs of travelers worldwide.

Before 2019

Ctrip Logo old

This logo features a playful and friendly blue dolphin arching to the left, with its tail fin cradling an orange circle, evoking a sense of care and personal touch. The dolphin’s eye and smile add a welcoming persona to the imagery. Accompanying the dolphin is the stylized text “Ctrip” with a bold, capitalized “C” in blue, seamlessly transitioning into the word “trip” in lighter blue, with a rounded typeface that echoes the dolphin’s curves. Above the “i” in “trip,” an orange dot sits playfully, mirroring the circle in the dolphin’s embrace and creating a visual harmony that embodies the joy and dynamism of travel. The use of blue signifies trust and reliability, while the orange adds a dash of energy and warmth, reflecting the brand’s commitment to vibrant and trustworthy travel experiences.

2019 – Today

Trip com Logo

The logo presented is composed of a simple, modern typeface with the word “Trip” in a bold, deep blue hue, followed by a period. The word “com” continues in the same blue color, but in a regular font weight. Between the two elements, there’s a distinctive design feature: a bright yellow dot positioned above the lower case ‘i’ in “Trip,” resembling a rising sun or a location marker, suggesting themes of travel, discovery, and illumination. The overall design conveys a sense of clarity, accessibility, and forward-thinking that is often associated with tech-savvy travel platforms.