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Onhollywood is the name of a website, which is specialized in the wholesale of various music artists’ merchandise products, such as fashion items, accessories, stickers, and posters. The platform offers a wide range of items, branded with the most popular music-bands logos and emblems.

Meaning and history

Onhollywood is a company, which been engaged in music-band items merchandising since 1996. The online wholesaler is based in California, but operates all over the globe, having its clients on all the continents.

On the Onhollywood website, you can find different products for your business: from t-shirts and fashion accessories to mugs and stationery, decorated with the logos and emblem of your favorite bands.

The website boasts a very simple and convenient menu, with lots of categories, which allow you to quickly find the needed product. Here you can whether shop by the type of the product (the menu on the left) or by the favorite music band (the menu on the right).

What is Onhollywood?

Onhollywood is an online wholesale platform, which offers a wide range of items branded with the emblems of the world’s most famous rock-bands. The website offers items in various categories, including clothing, stationery, and interior accessories.

Onhollywood Logo

Onhollywood Logo

In terms of visual identity Onhollywood has chosen simplicity and professionalism. The logo of the wholesaler is based on a clean sans-serif logotype with a small graphical addition in a black, green, and white color palette.

The “Hollywood” part of the company’s name is set in the lowercase of a modern sans-serif typeface, which is very similar to Century Gothic W1G Regular, with clean full-shaped contours of the letters, medium-thickness lines, and traditional cuts of the bars. The inscription looks modern and friendly.

As for the “On” part of the website’s name, it is set on the left from the main wordmark, written in white lowercase letters over two solid squares placed one above the other. The upper square is colored dark green, while the bottom one is in black.

The simplicity of shapes and calm yet strict color palette of the Onhollywood visual identity look professional and reliable, showing the wholesaler as the experienced. one and one that can be trusted. Black and green here stand for confidence and safety, while white adds a sense of transparency and reliability.

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