Verisign Logo

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Verisign Logo
Verisign is the company, specialized in domain names registry, internet infrastructure, and security services. It was established in 1995 in the United States and today has an annual revenue of about one billion USD.

Meaning and history

Verisign Logo history

The Verisign visual identity shows the company as professional and loyal. It’s strict geometric shapes and calm color palette evoke a sense of trustworthiness and reliability.
The Verisign logo is composed of an emblem and a wordmark, which is usually placed under the emblem or on its right side.
The nameplate in all the capitals is executed in a strict and solid sans-serif typeface. The gray color of the lettering evokes a sense of stability and security, making the whole logo feel lighter at the same time.
The Verisign emblem, enclosed in a thick white and gray gradient frame, depicts a stylized letter “V” on a blue background. The right bar of the “V” is segmented and has a triangle cut off it.
Verisign Logo
The blue-white and gray color palette of the Verisign logo represents a confident and powerful company, which values expertise and innovations.
It is a strict and timeless visual identity, which is built around the principles of simplicity and strength.