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Buffer is a public application program released in 2010 by a company with the same name. This product helps users to manage their activity in social media, providing instruments to schedule posts, videos, and photos in all of the main platforms. Buffer also simplifies analyzing of audience behavior in your communities and helps you to engage people in your brand’s activity. The app is available for free on all of the main mobile and computer platforms.

Meaning and history

2010 – today

Buffer Logo

The Buffer brand logotype depicts an emblem and an inscription put on the right side from it. The emblem has a rhomb, placed above two triangular lines. They’re drawn in such a way so they look like three rhombs, two of which are partially blocked. The inscription is the app name, which has a bold sans serif typeface with lowercase letters. The letters themselves have very small gaps in between.

Font and color

Buffer Logo Emblem

The Buffer’s brand identity doesn’t have a determined color palette for the logo. Due to the simplicity of the composition in the Buffer logo, it can be drawn in various styles. You can find the pictures with the elements colored white, dark blue or even gradient black and gray. The background can also change its shades according to the situation and color of the inscription.

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