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Criptext is the name of an online encrypted messaging service, established in 214, as a Gmail extension. Today it is available for all platforms. The service is not cloud-based like Gmail or Outlook — Criptext emails are not permanently stored on servers, they are only stored on your device using end-to-end encryption.

Meaning and history

Criptext has it all in the name. Stability, professionalism, and confidence. The service provides its users with a highly protected encrypted email platform, which is easy to use. The service does not use cloud technologies, which is a huge advantage for many individual and corporate clients.

Although the service was designed as the extension for the Gmail platform and grew into a separate self-sufficient software in almost no time, the visual identity of Criptext hasn’t changed with this growth.

2014 – Today

Criptext Logo

The Criptext logo is composed of a logotype and an emblem, which takes a very small part on the full version, but is the only element on the app icon. The logotype in calm deep Blair is set in the title case of a fancy yet old-school typewriter font, with long serifs and rounded shapes of the letters. It looks really unique, compared to the visual identities of the service’s competitors.

As for the emblem, Criptext uses a simple dialogue bubble, drawn in solid blue, with the white lock symbol on it. Depending on the placement, the bubble can be colored in solid, or gradient blue. The gradient palette is mostly used for the icon, where no additional text is needed, and all the attention goes to graphics.

Font and color

The simple and modest composition of the Criptext logo is balanced by a smooth and friendly typeface of the wordmark. It is a titlecase inscription with full-shaped serif letters and lots of space in and between them. The lettering is set in a classic typewriter-style font, which is most likely the Typewriter Serial.

As for the color palette of the Criptext logo, it is based on just one shade of blue, with a calm yet pretty vivid hue. This is the most commonly used color for the visual identities of technologically oriented businesses, as it stands for professionalism and safety. In the case of Criptext, it represents the same qualities plus reliability and transparency of the services provided.